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[Tip... if you have larger scenes and your following actor does not appear, it is because they are offscreen when the scene loads, and an easy fix is on the scene init script, the first thing you should do in every scene is move the child actors position to match the player. Then it will always appear and it will adjust itself to the player actor automatically from there. ]

I tried to create the simplest possible solution for a popular request online... creating larger sprites in GB Studio. This is the most basic possible version of code to create a 16x32 pixel player character (by using a child actor as the head of your character). Using the same logic, and much more advanced programming, it is possible to create 32x16 pixel characters (characters with tails) or 32x32 pixel characters, but I figured if someone needs a code solution like this for their project, it is likely they are unable to handle the advanced coding themselves, so I wanted to create the most simple code to implement in your game. Hopefully someone can make good use of this and I also hope it opens some doors to people who felt like this wasn't an option before.

Copy and paste in 4 locations of one file in your game engine. Documentation included. Should be extremely easy.

Created on GB Studio 2.0 Beta 4. May or may not work on other versions, and I'm sure this feature will eventually be built on. But for now, this can be a viable option. If you use this code, no credit necessary, but I would absolutely love to see it in use, so comment below if you end up using it. I'd love to play your games.

Written by Anthony Wallace of Nara Makes Games

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This doesn't work in the latest GBStudio 2.0 beta. It would be really cool to have an updated version that does work! I would use it

Would not worth it because 2.0 will contains a sprite editor with editable size


That will be months away and my game will not be compatible with 3.0 because I have modded it extensively

this works great!

using it in my first GB Studio game



Thanks so much!  I'm making a game for my daughters 9th birthday and she'll be thrilled I'm able to make her OC sprite bigger.

That's awesome! Share here when its done!

works perfectly! thank you so much!


Wow, thanks I just started working with GB studio and needed something like this!


Thanks for making this! Im gonna use one of your child actor things in my game. I’m waiting until the beta settles down though because I have a feeling it’s going to be breaking it a lot