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- Ejected engine is out of date (found "2.0.0-e8" when latest is "3.1.0-e15"). You may encounter issues if you don't eject your engine again. Missing updates: [3.0.0-e0] Complete engine rewrite based around GBVM: * Support for metasprites * Parallax backgrounds * hUGEDriver music engine * Variable width fonts * Super GB borders * GBVM scripting language * Much more! [3.0.1-e0] Bug fixes and preperation for GBDK-2020 v4.0.6: * Fixed issue where input scripts could be trigger while VM is locked * Allowed input scripts to optionally prevent default button actions * Moved engine field defines into a single state_defines.h file * Switched SDCC features to use macros in preparation for new GBDK [3.0.2-e0] Bug fixes and crash handler: * Added crash handler screen * Text control code 0x09 added to skip characters without waiting * Allow tilesets with zero length * Fix issue where VM_LOCK was not affecting context switching * Optimised input script checks [3.0.2-e1] Bug fixes: * Hide sprites when overlay is fullscreen * Make sequences of control codes in strings "instant" [3.0.2-e2] Bug fixes: * Don't